Talah New Capital Compound

Talah Compound New Administrative Capital
Talah Compound New Administrative Capital is one of the names that shined in the sky of the capital recently, after New Plan Developments worked on the construction of Talah, providing more than one feature and service, which allows residents to live in great calm and comfort.

There are many distinctive things that the developer offers, including the location near several important places, and the large space that has been well planned, in addition to the various units in space and design.

There are many other important things available in Talah New Capital, which we have worked on in the next paragraphs in detail in order to obtain all the information that helps you make a purchase decision as soon as possible … Follow us

The unique location of Talah Compound
New Administrative Capital is one of the most important projects that the Egyptian state has worked on in the recent period, in which it worked to provide all the different things that customers need with different needs, and which works to make the residents comfortable in the place greatly.

In New Administrative Capital, many new, quiet neighborhoods have been worked on to be diverse and have many services that residents need and make living in the place more comfortable and also in many large recreational areas.

One of the most important residential neighborhoods in New Administrative Capital is the seventh residential neighborhood located in the heart of the capital, surrounded by many important places, including universities, hospitals, and many major malls as well, in addition to the proximity of the place to more than one important axial road.

New Plan has worked on choosing an important and distinctive location in the heart of the seventh residential neighborhood (R7), which has distinctive surroundings of all the facilities that the client needs to be the headquarters of the construction of its new project, which is Talah Administrative Capital.

The location of Talah New Capital Compound and the most important places nearby:

Talah New Capital is located in the seventh residential district, specifically in plot No. (I1), and the place is considered one of the best places in New Administrative Capital.
Talah Project is also a short distance from the largest park in Egypt and the Middle East, the famous Green River Park.
There is more than an important place near Talah Compound, including the well-known Al-Massa Hotel.
In addition, Talah Compound is located near distinctive and essential axes, including the Middle Ring Road, as well as the Regional Ring and Sokhna / Suez Road.
It is about 15 minutes from the new monorail station.
Talah Compound is not far from Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque and the Church of the Nativity of Christ.
It is located a short distance from more than one important neighborhood, including the ministries neighborhood and the government neighborhood, and also not far from the banks' area.
It is not difficult to reach Talah New Capital, from the well-known Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
There are more than one compound near the Talah project, including Mountain View New Capital and Palm Hills Administrative Capital.
In the vicinity of Talah New Capital there are many distinctive places that the residents need and are working to provide them with basic and recreational needs, and also Talah the Administrative Capital was certainly not devoid of the distinctive architectural design that we will learn about in detail in the following.